Restaurant Dynamic Figueres

el Dynamic - Local products

el Dynamic productos de la Tierra We love our country, and that's why at El Dynàmic Bar we care for, work with and show off local produce from Empordà and Catalonia with pride.

With a wide selection of DO Empordà wines on our wine list, from specially produced bread to go with our hamburgers to organic eggs produced by Teresa's hens.

Anchovies from l'Escala, Taps de Cadaqués (sponge dessert with rum and coffee cream filling), honey from l'Empordà, miniflaona (cream-filled pastries) from Figueras. Hamburgers named after some of the most illustrious names in the city's history, such as the Monturiol, the Salvador and the Ventura.

Hot dogs with a local touch, named after local geographical features such as the Cap de Creus or the Albera mountain range.